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The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a very old and ancient breed. It's believed to have migrated from Turkey at about 1000 AD, but it's possible that this breed existed over 6000 years ago in Mesopotamia. During the centuries that passed different variations of the breed started appearing. During the 1970s western breeders gained interest in the Anatolian Shepherd Dog and developed standards, this being one of those. The breed was registered and listed with the AKC association in 1999. The Anatolian Shepherd Dogs were, as the name states, originally used by Shepherds. They are forceful and, independent and usually responsible on its own for guarding the masters flock. They have also been known to kill fully grown bears to protect their charges. They are intelligent, but not often very easy to teach, and having an Anatolian Shepherd Dog as a regular pet can be a great challenge.

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is not aggressive towards children, family members or other pets, as long as all of those mentioned are considered and calm in return. This Dog is a dog that likes to make up his own mind for everything, and instead of being interactive and playful he likes to play more of a supervisor and protective role. He will still be a good companion even if he receives the right training. It's defiantly not a breed qualified for newcomers to dog life and was bred to work and knows that he has a job to do. Untitled socialized properly they will quickly take over the role of leader.

This breed is a low maintenance animal when it comes to grooming. His fur-coat needs to be brushed weekly, although this will need to be more frequent at times of heavier shedding. Heavier shedding may occur seasonally. Depending on the sex, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog may grow to become between 28-32 inches long, weighing between 90-145 pounds. The fur-coat of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is relatively short, harsh and dense, and with a thick undercoat. The breed has a general lifespan of 12-15 years, and the most common disorders are thyroid problems, entropion, and sensitivity to chemicals and medicines. Overall it's a healthy species. Purebred Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are very fluid movements and are even and calm. They will not be aggressive without responding to another aggressive species. They are very agile and have high stamina. They are also very loyal, valiant and territorial, and will guard their grounds at all costs.


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