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What Is An E-Collar For Dogs?

An E-Collar is a form of a wireless collar that comes along with a remote. It is a training device that helps stimulate electrical pulses for your dog.

This device is used to send electrical pulses similar to ones used by chiropractors or therapists. These signals can be controlled for their intensity by the owner using the wireless remote controller.

The intensity of the signals can be used to help the dog differentiate between good behavior and bad behavior.

The wireless nature allows for freedom of movement for the dog while allowing training at the same time.

Though E-collars cannot substitute dog training as a complete practice, they assist the process to make the experience smooth especially for first-time owners. 

Are E-Collars Humane?

E-Collars are the most versatile but also perhaps the most misunderstood dog training device available in the market.

There are various rumors and industry skeptics who believe E-collars are

Cruel for the dogs. But on the contrary, E-Collars are completely harmless. There have been many studies conducted that prove the electric impulses radiated from the E-Collar do no damage to the dog.

It is a very low-intensity signal which doesn't affect any cognitive ability of the dog. 

In fact, the electric pulse, which is akin to an itch for the dog is proven to be a better controlling element than using a leash on a dog.

It allows the dog to understand the difference in behavior on its own, without any aggressive behavior on the human part.

E-Collars can be used on smaller dogs as well, where leash do not work but require some sort of control when dealing with a feisty dog. 

Best Dog Training Collar

There have been much research and development in the e-collar category. Brands have been trying to perfect the design and range in order to allow maximum utilization.

Many brands are available in the market. We look to list out some brands which have been popular among users and considered the best electric collars for dogs.

Some of the best dog training collars are:

Dog Care Training Collar

The number one pick among many users was the dog care training collar. 

This device is highly rated for its range of around 1000 ft (ca. 305 m). There are three different modes available depending upon the level of training the dog is undergoing.

One device can control up to 9 dogs with e-collars on them. 

Educator E-Collar

Our next pick is the educator series e-collar. This device allows for more than 100 different training modes depending upon the weight and size of the dog.

There are control modes of up to 2 dogs at a time and provides a 1/2 mile range.

This device also provides a high battery life with up to 2 hours in a single charge. 

Aertertek Dog Training Collar

Our next pick is the most budget-friendly Aertertek Dog Training Collar. It comes with 10 different modes each for sound, vibration, and shock.

There are three human control modes. The device is water-resistant and has a range of up to 400 yards (ca. 366 m).

Note - this particular dog training collar is more on the heavy duty side - it is not the most affordable, but it is durable and effective.

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425x

Next on the list is the SportDog e-collar. The device provides a range of up to 500 yards. One single remote can connect with up to 3 e-collars providing greater control.

There are 7 levels of static which are available in low to mid-range. Ther is also the option of continuous or momentary static options depending upon the behavior of the dog.

The device works submerged for a range of up to 25 feet (ca. 8 meters), which is pretty impressive and ideal for the hunter or retriever dogs. 

Dogtra Company Remote Training Collar

Our last pick among e-collars for dogs is the Dogtra Remote Training Collar. This device allows for click noises.

The device also allows for adjusting nick noises and pulsating nick noises defending upon the method of training.

The device also has a range of 1/2 mile (804 meters). This device is specially designed for heavier dogs, which are 10 pounds (ca. 4,536 g) and above. It is waterproof and one remote can control two e-collars. 

Cons of a dog E-Collar

Now that we have discussed the pros and some of the popular e-collar brands available in the market, we should also understand some cons of e-collars.

The initial branding of e-collars was done by the name as shock collars.

This name didn't really go down well with dog enthusiasts as it portrayed a cruel method of training.

Though the brands have changed their marketing tactics over the years, few brands still stick by the conventional shock treatment. 

Some other experts also argue that since the definition of bad behavior can be endless, the e-collars may render a dog potentially afraid of any movement at all.

The constant shock treatment would confuse a dog more often than correct it. 

Another issue with e-collar is the difference in the association.

A dog would not necessarily the same message as we expect them to.

On many occasions, the idea of good and bad behavior could be lost as a device can only perform a few limited actions, while a human being can provide more dynamic behavior. 


Considering the cons, the e-collar market does have a long way to go in further developing the products and address the issues at present.

But they are also a very unique product which can help many new owners who do not possess the same level of training prowess.

E-collars provide an easy access to the same basic training method, which can definitely help aid the training process of a dog.

This is also a great opportunity for first-time dog owners to make their jump to owning a dog and provide a home for that without much concern about training. 

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