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The Corgi butt has a fanbase of it's own, and they are specifically appraised for their soft and plump behind. 

Not only are corgis extremely wise and playful, but they are also a sensation due to their fluffy butts, which resemble peaches. 

If you want to know more about their plump backsides and find out why they are built this way, then continue reading.


Why Do Corgi Have Such Gorgeous Butts? 

In comparison to other dogs, corgis are blessed with generous assets. Corgi butts are as functional as they are attractive. If you have ever watched a video of corgi floating in the water, you may have noticed how their behind propels them forward. 

Corgi butts are more than just adorable as they serve as an intrinsic floatation device (see below). Another reason why they have bigger backsides is that they were bred to herd cattle.

Their anatomical structure ensured that they were not harmed by the cattle due to their short hind legs. They are short but have a robust body which contributes to their plump appearance.


What Do They Call A Corgi Butt?

Now that we know corgis do not only have busy brains but they have also been bestowed with the fluffiest of butts, let’s find what those butts are actually called!

In Japan, these fluffy backsides are called “momo” due to their peach-like full appearance. Momo is the Japanese word for peaches.


Corgis have the big dog attitude with a small body, so you will often find them being independent and bold.

As they are traditionally herding dogs, they are bound to exert their dominance in a playful yet outlandish manner. Due to their small size, they were bred to herd cattle by nipping at their feet and legs.

The cattle wouldn’t be able to kick and attack them, and the corgi could move them along easily. 

Even though they can be friendly with humans and other dogs, their basic instincts still live on. Make sure you train yours to avoid nipping and harming children and other dogs.

What is A Corgi Sploot? 

Splooting is basically a position where the animal lays on their stomach with the hind legs stretching out straight behind them. The Corgi sploot has become sensational in the online world.

In fact, the word “sploot” was created by the internet to describe the sheer adorableness of this position. 

The corgi sploot has innumerable variations, and it looks like a superman position but – not quite.

Since this dog stretching phenomenon has captured the attention of everyone, it even highlights their fluffy backside, which becomes even more prominent in this position!


Are Corgi Butts Made of Air?  

The reason why corgis can float in water in the first place is that their backside is made up of 79.4% air. It all comes down to this shape and gives them a hallow backside for floating in the water. 

Unlike other animals with a high density of muscle fibers, corgis usually lack muscle fibers in this area which helps them in floating around the swimming pool with their built-in floatie.

So yes, they kind of are, and it's pretty awesome.


Taking Care of Corgi Butts 

Due to the enlarged and fluffy appearance, it can really be a task to manage corgi butts. Since corgis are prone to excessive shedding, shaving or trimming their hair can be a matter of concern. Let’s explore this in detail.


Can You Shave A Corgi Butt? 

Corgis have very specific hair which guards their exterior parts and protects them from the harmful rays of the sun. Their natural undercoat is a protective layer that prevents sunburns and acts as an insulator during hot days.  

Shaving your corgi’s butt will expose them to harmful substances and make them develop a woolly appearance. The guard hair eventually grows back and gets entangled with the upper coat, creating an uneven and improperly layered coat.

To cut it short, shaving your corgi’s butt or any other part of its body is not recommended in general. A light trim can be okay, but we suggest you get a groomer to do it and show you how short it should be before you attempt it yourself. 

How to Trim A Corgi Butt? 

To trim a corgi butt, start by combing through the hair. The goal is to start at the bottom to create a U shape. To ensure that the corgi butt looks up to the mark, trim its side in such a way that it creates 2 separate ovals. 

Make sure that you are continuously combing the hair as you trim so you can get an idea about the desired shape. Use thinning shears so that you do not cut too much.

Your corgi’s butt should look like 2 separate ovals from behind and round from the side. When trimming, keep in mind to also trim their parts other than the butt so that it looks natural. 

Are Corgis Better Swimmers than Other Dogs?


Corgis have an affinity for water, and they can mostly swim well. While they can float naturally due to their build, their short legs render them weaker.

They are not better swimmers than other dog breeds due to this reason and tire out quickly. 

As compared to other dogs, corgis are slower and weaker even though they can float for a few moments. It is best to watch over them while they take a dip in the pool. You can even put their buoyancy to the test! 

Wrapping Up

Corgis are active and intelligent dogs that have adorable butts and an even more lively personality! Even though their fluffy backsides and cut waddle steal the show, they are great companions and family dogs. 

We hope that this article cleared your doubts about corgi butts and made you fall in love with them even more! 

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