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Crate Training Dogs



Anyone that is crate training dogs knows just how useful the crate can actually be. This crate should be large enough for the dog to be able to move around freely, yet small enough for the dog to know they are being reprimanded for poor behavior if need be. It is important that this crate will not become a device in which to unfairly punish the animal, as this will do nothing for the further development of the dog. Use this crate in a manner that is consistent with the better training notions that are available for review by professional trainers.

The Right Crate

Crate training dogs is something that could take a bit of time to figure out, and if you are leaving towards this yourself then you are going to need the right crate for your dog. This crate needs to be large enough to house the puppy, if you have to leave the dog in the crate of any longer than 20 minutes at a time. This means that if the dog actually sleeps in the crate at night, they will need enough room to move around freely to get comfortable. This crate should ideally have a place to put a water and food dish, so the dog has what they need should they be in there when you go out. You may elect to not have these items in the crate when you are sleeping or go out, as it will mean that they will not learn what time feeding time is or when they should go outside to potty.

Not Always About Punishment

Crate training dogs is not always about punishment, like some would like to believe. In fact you will quickly see the benefits of having a crate, should you have to unexpectedly leave the house and you have now to keep the young adventurous puppy. While some may find it acceptable to simply gate the animal in a specific room until they get back, the puppy really does not learn anything from this and you increase the odds of an accident to clean when you get home. Take the time to train your dog right with the use of a quality crate, and you will notice that the dogs will more than likely retreat to this crate when they want to be left alone. This will indicate that the crate has become acceptable to the dog, and that they will not fight the crate.

Ask First

If you are not sure on crate training dog, maybe it would be a good idea to speak with a professional trainer before you continue? This will allow you the opportunity to hear from the professionals, what they feel are the pros and cons of the whole training methods used with a crate. It may make you more comfortable to know that the trainer uses a crate on their own dogs at home. This is something that like everything else with dogs, quickly becoming a learning experience.


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