All About Dachshund Dogs

16 Jun, 2018

Nicknamed as Weiner dog, hot dog, or sausage dog, dachshund dogs are an increasingly popular breed of because of its unique physiology.

 And because it's main use in the past, as a badger dog employed to hunt and exterminate badgers that routinely destroy farmlands by clogging up waterways, its main implement nowadays is a family dog.

The most discernable appearance of dachshund dogs is its elongated body but short and squat legs.

Also, ironically, the Dachshund is one of the most widely mispronounced dog breed names - daschund, daschunds, etc. 

 Although if judged proportionally with the rest of a dachshund, only the legs will be un-proportioned, other body parts will be of average size similar to other breeds of dogs.

Full grown dachshund dogs generally stands 18 inches tall at the withers.

The mighty Dachshund. Note the low ground chest clearance with the ground.


But due to numerous crossbreeding practices to produce numerous effects, general height is more obscure than the weight, which is at an average 16 - 28 pounds.

30% or lesser of their height comprises the actual height of their legs, the rest is made up of its barrel like body. 

Their body coat, also resulted from numerous crossbreeding practices, have resulted on a wide color palette, ranging from cream, blue, chocolate brown, ochre, and light red.

The dominant colors include a mix of red and black, brown and black.

Disposition and Temperament of Dachshund Dogs

Dachshund dogs are scent hounds, and coupled with rather large lungs, a dachshund dog's bark can be surprisingly deep and bassy. 

These two combinations are essential functions for dachshund dogs' once function: to hunt small game animals and ferret them out for the game hunter to kill.

 Their short bodies enable them to enter badger holes and smaller openings while keeping their heads (and nose) close to the earth. 

Their booming bark allows hunters to follow them by sound as dachshund dogs, even though with squat legs, can run very fast, avoiding obstacles with ease.

Modern dachshund dogs haven't shed these traits completely.


That's why every dachshund dog owner should recognize the need for dachshund to stroll on vegetated areas where the dog can treat its nose to the scents where nature has given them that advantage.

Not being particularly active, and with some newer breeds are particularly small, many urban dwellers have adopted dachshund dogs, for their less finicky nature and smaller space requirement.

However all dogs need regular exercise coupled with a healthy diet. And to most scent hounds, no other treat can be better for dachshund dogs than having regular walks filled with scent.

Thanks to their natural hunting instincts, Dachshunds are NOT suitable in a home with small animals (rats, hamtsters) as their natural tendency is to hunt these creatures.

Unfortunately, it is also thanks to these traits that can make Dachshunds quite hard for new dog owners to train.

Thankfully, it isn't impossible, but owners will just need to know HOW to train the dog.