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Commonly called Golderman, the doberman golden retriever mix is probably one of the most interesting hybrid combinations - both in terms of appearance and personality.

 Add a Golden Retriever to a Doberman Pinscher, and you get the Golden Pinscher, one of the fairly new yet increasingly popular dog breeds today.

Dog owners need to be prepared to lead an active lifestyle if they consider adopting this highly intelligent dog breed.


History of Doberman and Golden Retriever

If you decide to buy this loving dog, you should know it is bred as a mixture of the loyal and serious Doberman and the gentle and playful Golden Retriever. So it is useful to get familiar with some information on their history.

The Origin of The Doberman Pinscher

Out of 195 dog breeds in America, this one is the 17th most popular dog. The name Doberman comes from its creator Louis Dobermann who used to work as a tax collector in Germany. 

The multiple breeds used for this dog breeding were German Pinscher, terrier, herding dogs, and Rottweilers to reach the height of the Doberman we see today.

Golden Pinschers Price and How to Choose The Best One

Pet lovers should know the price of the pet they want to buy because Golderman's prices are not the same as those of other dogs.


Being still new and unknown to most people, the Doberman Golden retriever's price is not as high as the prices of other hybrid dogs.

The usual price of the Golden Pinscher is around $400 to $700. However, keep in mind that the breed's popularity is growing, and the prices are expected to go up.

The Dobermans and Goldens separately have much higher prices. For example, golden retrievers can be bought from $600 to $3500, while Doberman Pinschers can be sold from $650 to $3000.

Choose A Reputable Breeder

When buying a Golden Pinscher puppy, the price is not the only thing you should focus on. The other thing is whom do you buy it from. 

The best thing to do is find a breeder with a good reputation. Ensure that he is experienced in breeding and genetics and has all the puppy's health records.

Do not go to a breeder who owns too many dog breeds without a breeding facility. Also, avoid those who offer very low prices with no paperwork.

Temperament of A Doberman Golden Retriever Mix

These two dogs mixed offer humans a never-ending company and a colorful lifestyle. It is said that this hybrid brings out the best traits of both breeds.

If you enjoy exercising daily, get yourself a Golderman. However, if you love your apartment living, do not go for a golden pinscher puppy.

Every dog is unique, and therefore its behavior is not always predictable. Still, considering the history of the two combined breeds, the Golden Pinscher is one hell of a dog.

The Personality of Golden Retrievers

Joyous, happy, and docile, Goldens can easily become your best friend with proper training. As puppies, they are full of energy and perfect for your family if you have kids to play with them.

Maybe they are not the ultimate velcro dogs, but still, they like to follow around their owner.

Doberman Pinscher Personality

The Doberman is famous for being aggressive and harsh, looking somewhat prideful and elegant. However, pet parents know that although they are big dogs, they are quite playful and enjoy family time.

Since they are working dogs, they can give a hard time to owners who have no experience with dogs. But, like other confident animals, they want a smart leader to respect and offer their services.

Golden Pinscher Personality

The dog's temperament will be a perfect combination of the two breeds. Owners claim that the Golderman will come out with the best of the two dogs.

The joyful nature of the golden retriever and the strict temperament of the Doberman will be perfect for someone who loves daily exercise.

The real plus side though - both breeds do respond well to strong and firm owners and proper dog training.

Other Pets


If you have a cat or some other pets, make sure to introduce them while they are young. Children should also be introduced properly and slowly so as not to wake up the aggressive tendencies of the Doberman temperament. 

Cats can be competitive, so make sure to give enough space to all the animals you have in your home.

 Breed Expectations for Doberman Golden Retriever Mixes

A big, tall, and healthy dog is what you should be expecting when it comes to this crossbreed. The yellow Retriever and the black Pinscher combined to make an amazing breed whose health should be cared for by a veterinarian.

The weight is generally around 55 to 100 pounds. The height, on average, goes from 21.5 to 28 inches. If you want to be more sure about the dimensions, you can see the dog's parents. Female Golden Pinschers tend to be smaller and shorter than their male friends.

Coat Care

If you put them to live in an enclosed area, grooming and shedding can be quite difficult. It could be shed everywhere they go, including your clothes, furniture, or floor. 

Depending on the parents' influence, they could have the retriever's double layer coat that sheds all the time or the short, neat coat of the Doberman.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the Golden Pinscher's adoption might be the right thing to do if you are willing to lead an active life full of excitement. Perfect for a family with kids or a person who does some exercise daily.

This mixture of Golden Retriever and Doberman Pinscher is the energetic dog breed you need in your life if you have health issues since it will constantly keep you active and on the go. In addition, this mix brings out the best qualities of both dogs' personalities, so do not be afraid to give it a chance and make it your pet.

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