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Dog Behavior Problems


Whether you like it or not, every dog can change and start having dog behavior problems from time to time.

And unfortunately, not all bad behaviors are for the better. Food aggression, possessiveness, learned helplessness etc... Anything could be learnt over the course of your dog's life. 

Fortunately, there are ways on how to correct bad behavior in dogs.

What you do about this behavior problem can make the difference in whether or not your dog changes. Here are 8 tips to help you change your dog's behavior problem.

Dog Behavior Problem Tip 1: Control the dog

The most basic tip is to get control of your dog

If you can have control over your dog, you will be able to control the dog's problem behavior. You can control your dog by putting them on a training collar and showing them that you are boss.

But, you want to do this without physical punishment if you can.

Dog Behavior Problem Tip 2: Stay positive

Too many pet owners focus on the negatives and verbally abuse their dog's with "NO" and "bad boy/girl."

 While you do want to get the point across that it is not OK for them to do what they did, you also want to give them encouragement for what to do right. Instead of saying "no" tell them to "sit" or "heal."

Not all dogs respond positively to negatives, so this is a point to note. If you don't know, it would be good to observe your dog first.

Dog Behavior Problem Tip 3: Consistency

The number one rule to changing a dog's problem behavior is consistency. You have to get it across your dog's minds that it is never OK to do the bad behavior. Not once in awhile because you forgot.

It is unfair to a dog to change your rules or forget because this will simply confuse them.

Dog Behavior Problem Tip 4: Have the dog earn it

There is a fine line between giving your dog love and handing out love freely.

You want to show your dog that you care about them, but make them earn your affection. If you can teach your dog to ask politely for things such as sitting or lying down, they will have much more respect for you as an owner.

For this, it usually works if your dog responds to dog food training, or toward toys.

Dog Behavior Problem Tip 5: Exercise

Believe it or not, dogs can get bored just like humans. Boredom is one of the biggest causes of a dog's problem behavior because they have nothing else to do.

If you take your dog to the park, play with them and take them on walks they will not have this boredom bottled up.

Dog Behavior Problem Tip 6: Learn your dog's heritage

Dogs are bred to do certain things in particular, whether you like it or not. Certain breeds are born to stay close while other breeds are born to be wild.

Some dogs are born to hunt while others are born to guard. Every breed has a different genetic heritage, and it is up to you as an owner to understand this and then go from there.

Dog Behavior Problem Tip 7: Train

Every dog ​​is different, but no dog is born with perfect manners. For you to get rid of your dog behavior problem you have to train them to be polite and act civil.

Dealing with a dog's behavior problem can be difficult since every dog is different and every situation is different. By incorporating a little of every tip listed above, you will be able to easier get rid of your Dog Behavior Problem.

dog separation anxiety separation anxiety in dogs

Dog Behavior Problem Tip 8: Dog Health/Abuse

Sometimes your dog behavior problems (your dog barking, highly aggressive dog behavior or being in fear) could stem from issues like dental health or former abuse by previous owners.

In these cases its simpler - bring your dog to a vet. Usually the vet will be able to advise and give you more information about your dog's past as well.

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