Dog Joint Medicine – The Best Medicine For Dog Joints

12 Dec, 2017

Any condition which effects your dog's joints and limbs is more often than not a very serious one because it can have a direct effect on your dog's mobility and therefore their whole quality of life.

The most common problems with dog joints are caused by a degeneration of cartilage which is often as a result of added stress, or by a defect in the positioning of the joint caused by an injury or by stress.  

This is especially common in purebred dogs or dogs born in the wild, where a great many things can affect the development of dog joints. One such congenital conditions a dog can be born with is hip dysplasia.

The wearing down of the joint cartilage can often leave part of the joint exposed causing bones to rub together which can cause extreme pain and swelling, similarly for human knee joints.

Fortunately there are dog joint medicines that are available that will work to regenerate the cartilage which is more than often the cause of the problem, and they will be outlined in this article:-

Dog Aspirin 

 Dog aspirin is widely used and can be very effective at decreasing the circulation and inflammation associated with joint pain in dogs, and is one of the more effective pain relief medications for your dog. 

It is however recommended that you consult your veterinarian before administering aspirin for your dog, and this is because it can be toxic in the wrong dose for your dog. ​

This is especially so if it is a smaller or younger dog. Aside from this, dog aspirin can act as a very effective dog joint medicine if the correct amount is given.

Natural Joint Supplements

There are a variety of natural supplements on the market that have been proven to be effective at regenerating and halting the break down of cartilage in the joints of dogs.

These supplements can act as extremely effective dog joint medicines because they target the initial cause of the problem of the joint as opposed to merely treating the pain your dog feels.

However, there is a large variety of joint supplements for dogs on the market, and you'll have to do your research first before purchasing a supplement to ensure effectiveness, as well as being FDA compliant.

If you use just one or a combination of these dog joint medicines above then you can expect your dog to be well on their way to recovery within a relatively short period of time.

For example, glucosamine is one such known joint supplements for dogs. This not only helps in treating your dog's arthritis pain and degeneration, but also helps slow and slightly reverses and damage caused by the degeneration.

You'll also see a marked improvement once your dog taking vital supplements and joint medications. This is especially true if you have a senior dog that led a very active lifestyle in the past.