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Obedience Training Your Dog

You can treat a dog like your friend, child, or guide. Activities like cuddling, embracing, and playing with your dog establish a strong relationship.

Pampering your dog always brings the best out of a dog. But if it exceeds a certain limit, the dog may take you for granted and behave erratically.

The embarrassment you go through when your dog ignores your orders in the presence of friends or guests is quite unbearable. It may even put your guest in discomfort by behaving badly.

You can’t afford to let your dog run wild without caring for your instructions. Hence, Obedience training your dog becomes important to curb the extreme behavior of your dog.

There are professional trainers who provide at-home obedience training for dogs. It may cost you a lot of money.

Trying a hand at puppy obedience training on your own may strengthen the bond between you and your dog during its growth.


When it comes to your dog, you should always try to involve yourself at every stage as much as possible. If your involvement doesn’t yield results, you should take the help of a professional. 

Obedience training your dog is an enjoyable process so you shouldn’t hesitate to put your foot forward. 

Following are some dog obedience training tips you should consider if you are thinking to train your dog.

Naming Your Dog

This section is pretty important - especially if you're bringing home a new puppy, or you're renaming a rescue dog.

When you bring a dog to your home, the first thing you should do is give him a name. You should make sure that you stick with the name come what may.

Asking your family members to call the dog by its name also makes the dog well acquainted with the name. You shouldn’t whistle, clap, or use any gesture to address your dog until it becomes familiar with the name.

This ensures that your dog only responds to the name and your voice. The response your dog shows to its name allows you to gauge the extent of its obedience.

Once the dog becomes familiar with the name, you can start other forms of training. Do not forget to call your dog by name during training.

Simple dog obedience lessons CAN go a long way.

Setting Home Rules

When you have a dog in your home and you want to teach your dog to be obedient, then you must stick to strict home rules. Where your dog eats, sleeps, plays, excretes, etc should be discussed with your family members.

All the members should strictly adhere to the rules and try to follow it in the presence of the dog.

Rules like whether your dog should sit on the sofa, enter the kitchen, or sleep on the bed of your bedroom should be decided beforehand.

It shouldn’t be like one member allows the dog to sleep on the bed and the other disapproves it. These discrepancies in home rules may confuse the dog and force it to stop listening to your commands.

Never stray from the rules you have set for your dog while it is at home if you want to make your dog obedient.

House Training Your Dog

Familiarizing your dog with your house and its rules is an important aspect of making your dog obedient. Train your dog to adhere to the rules in any situation.

This needs a lot of time and patience. It may even take less time if your dog is a quick learner. Teach your dog where to eat, sleep, play, urinate, and defecate. 
Never lose hope or become impatient while training your dog. Involve other members of your family so that your dog becomes familiar with their faces and voices. 
Instruct them to follow house rules that you have taught to your dog so that the dog obeys all your commands. 

If you have fixed a place for your dog to eat, everyone in the family should feed your dog at the same place. This ensures that the dog listens to you and obediently follows your orders.

Familiarizing Your Dog with Basic Commands

Every dog is wired to learn commands. You don’t have to be an expert to teach commands to your dog. Training your dog to learn basic commands would go a long way in strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

Commands like sit, stand, lie down, come, go, etc. are very basic in nature. Any dog would readily learn these commands and start obeying your orders every time ask your dog to do so.

If a dog fails to respond to your command, repeating them several times would ensure it listens to you.

The amount of patience and perseverance you show would help the dog to understand that you won’t budge until it learns the commands. Slowly but surely it would start getting familiarized with your voice and commands.

Importance of Socializing

Most of the animals on earth are social including dogs. They won’t survive for long without socializing. Since dogs are pet animals, the responsibility of socializing dogs rests on us.

Make it a habit that you take your dog outside regularly and allow it to meet and interact with other dogs. Apart from playing, your dog may learn a few tricks and pick commands by looking at other dogs. 

It also keeps the psychological health of the dog in good condition. A mentally and physically fit dog is more eager to learn commands and show its obedience towards you.

Points to Remember while Training your Dog

The following are some points you should keep in mind while training your dog. These points will help you in training your dog efficiently and make it more obedient.

Quick Training Points
·        Keep the training sessions short.
·        Don’t shout or raise your voice unnecessarily.
·        Don’t train your dog till it burns out.
·        Be patient with your dog.
·        Use tools or gadgets exclusively designed for dogs.
·        Don’t forget to pamper your dog with treats every time it obeys your commands.


All dogs are good listeners unless you are a patient teacher. Trusting your dog and keeping faith in it would help you and the dog.

The main advantage of obedience training of a dog is that it allows ample exchange of love. This love eventually helps in raising the trust levels and obedience of your dog.

Do never lose hope and train your dog with lots of love. 

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