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Symptoms which may indicate that a dog is straining to pass urine or in other words suffering from dog stranguria are:

1. Very little or no urine is passed. The little amount of urine that is produced will most likely contain blood.

2. May appear similar to dog constipation

3. The dog may strain to pass urine even after repeated attempts and will probably look uneasy or uncomfortable while passing it.

The urinary tract of a dog is separated into two different parts upper and lower. Stranguria is a condition which affects the dog’s lower urinary tract.

The kidneys and uterus, the tube which carries the urine down from the kidneys, are contained in the upper urinary tract of the dog. The kidneys of a dog are to the left and right of their body. The left kidney is slightly behind the right one and both of them are located under the last rib just below the backbone. The function of the kidney is to produce urine, among other things. The urine that these kidneys produce travels down the uterus and into the bladder.

The lower part of the urinary tract consists of the vagina or penis of your dog, the bladder and the urethra which is a tube that takes the urine from the bladder through the prostate and out the penis or the vagina of the dog. The urine produces by the kidneys is collected into the bladder, which simply defined is like a bag. It has a very thin layer of muscle and the urine is collected and stored in it till it becomes full which results in this thin layer of muscles contracting and pushing the urine through the tube which is called the urethra. The urine then comes out of the dog’s penis or vagina, thus completing the urination process

A problem in the lower urinary tract would most likely result in dog stranguria. This problem could be anywhere in the dogs urethra, its bladder or its vagina or penis. Several different causes may be responsible for dog stranguria and at times it may happen for no apparent reason at all.


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