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Dog Training At Home – Tips And Techniques



You can form a long and happy relationship with your dog using techniques proven by years of experience by dog ​​training experts. It will not happen overnight; patience, time, and persistence are necessary. Dogs are very loyal and intelligent. Lifetime bonds between a master and his canine friend are normal.

Dog training not only involves the owner or handler, but also anyone that cares for your pet. Everyone in the dog's "pack" must know the correct commands. Using different commands for a desired act is very frustrating for your dog. It is best to use single word commands like 'come' and 'down', but you must be persistent. Using 'come' one day and 'here' the next will only frustrate your dog. Consistency in punishment is also important. If you punish your dog for an act, make sure you punish your dog every time he commits that same act. "Letting things slide" is a very poor dog training practice. Uniformity is very important in training your dog how to be.

When your dog does something right or acts properly, always give praise in a happy tone. Be happy and friendly with your dog. On the other hand, when he does something wrong, a stern word or phrase will let him know you are not happy. Never hit your dog. Rolled up newspapers will only make it aggressive and forward to biting.

If you want your dog to be part of the family, you must treat him as a family member. Dogs are pack animals, and they have a need to be part of the family. A dog must learn his place in your "pack". Locking your dog in the garage, or keeping him outside all day will only make him lonely and frustrated. He will not know where he stands in your pack, and will not know the proper pack behavior. He must learn that he is beneath the family children in the pack hierarchy.

It is very important that your dog's life include playtime, walks, and exercise. A tired dog is a happy dog. Be sure to introduce your dog to other people and other dogs. To have a happy and well-behaved dog, include him in your gatherings with family and friends whenever possible. A lonely dog ​​is not a happy dog. Provide outlets for stress, boredom, and frustrations. Occidentally make slight changes to his routine. Take him to doggy day care to meet new friends, or the dog park for a change of pace.

Dog training requires consistency and patience. A well-behaved, well-adjusted, and happy pet will be your reward.


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