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Dog Training Methods – Methods Used in Pofessional Training Classes



There are various dog training methods that one can adopt in order to train a dog to follow simple as well as complicated commands of its owner. Not all methods can be used to train any kind of dog. Training methods highly readily on what the dog would be used for and its current behavior. Dogs can be used as a guide for blind, rescuing aid, hunting, herding, tracing, guarding or just as a pet and a faithful companion.

There are various dog training methods including which whispering, clicker training, reward training and crate training are the training methods used to train most of the dogs.

Whisper Training:

It is a new and a modern form of training method for dogs. This method allows you to understand your dog more deeply and it also helps in setting a communication channel which is very essential for dog training in a longer run. The whole method of whispering understands and understanding a dog by its body language. When you begin to understand what a body movement suggests, then only you can be in full control of your pet and give him commands. Since this is a modern method is different form other dog training methods that is why many people still have their doubts. This method still is very effective and so far have worked well in training many dogs.

Clicker Training:

In this method, a message is sent to the dog whenever it does something positive or obeys its owner. The message is sent in the form of a clicking noise which is generated with the help of a small plastic box that is equipped with a metallic strip from inside. This strip makes a clicking noise. During this form of training, a clicker is to be used at times when your dog is to be rewarded for either obeying its owner by following commands or the he did something that he was taught to do. Clicking method is one of those dog training methods that makes your pet realize that things are supposed to work and how he should do it all the time.

Reward Training:

Reward training is the most effective of all the dog training methods that is adopted to train every dog. This is very similar to the clicker training method. The only difference is that instead of using a clicker box, you reward dogs by giving them a treat. That treat could have his favorite snack food, a toy or even a walk to the park. This method needs to be consistent and treat should be given immediately after his positive behavior and obedience so that this sends a clear message that what he did was right.

Crate Training:

Dogs usually do not eliminate at places where they sleep. To make the best use of this natural behavior, a crate is utilized to give the dog a sense of home. A crate is a cage like box with front door made of bars. This method of dog training is not used to punish or confine him in a cage but it is adopted to make him realize what a home is like and how to keep it clean. A crate should have sufficient space for the dog to stand, turn around and play with its toys. A dog must not be kept in a crate for more than a hour or two. Among all dog training methods, this method helps the most in potty training.


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