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What's the best kind of training for your dog?

Is this method of dog training good for my dog?

Can I learn how to crate train my dog?

How can I get my dog to stop biting, or barking at things?

Are you ready to learn how to train your dog? Proper dog training as well as socialization is important - and is considered a basic need for your dog. (src)

It's important to start training your dog as soon (and young) as possible!

We know that dog training for first time owners (even experienced dog owners with stubborn breeds have problems!) can be quite a daunting task, so we've put together some basic steps for you to take.

Basics of Dog Training

Obedience training comes first because  that covers the very basics of dog training once you've brought your puppy home - from naming them, to setting home rules and basic dog commands to begin with, as well as housebreaking your dog.

This works hand in hand with obedience training your dog - some dogs live for food, and as such, dog food training will work exceptionally well for a dog like that.

However, if you observe that your dog is not food motivated, you can also try some dog agility training - which can work very well on super active dogs!

Crate training is last on the list because typically, most owners (like me) tend to just have a few dog beds lying around for them to sleep, or to just sleep on our beds.

However, a crate can be a great place for dogs to call their own - a little 'den' replica of their former lives that gives them a secure space to do whatever they want.

Drape a towel over the crate, and let the dog training begin!

Other Dog Training Guides

There are also other guides available below which are great supplements to the above three basic how-to's;

We've scoured the internet to bring you the best answers, because you want to know this information quickly and without any fluff.

Simply select what your dog needs by clicking on any of the guides below: