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Four Herbal Remedies for your Dog

You might have been through instances where you rushed your pet to a vet office but later realized you could have treated him at home!

Not always will you be required to take your dog to a vet, minor health issues can be treated at home provided you have enough knowledge of natural remedies.

A small cut, stomach upset, an insect bite, bad breath and more common health problems like anxiety your dog encounters can be treated with easily available herbal products.

Some of them can be grown in your kitchen garden or backyard too! You are on the right page if you are looking for dog herbal remedies.

Having some of these herbs grown in your own home also greatly complements you cooking organic food for your dog.

Before we proceed to the herbal remedies, let us understand some reasons to use them. 

Here are four excellent reasons to use home remedies for dog:

Herbal remedies are time-tested. Yes, they are being used since generations and have proven to be safe.

You can confidently administer herbal remedies, without having to fear about the after effects. However, please mind the dosage.


As said earlier, several medicinal herbs that can be used as remedies for your pet’s illnesses can be grown in your backyard or kitchen garden.

You can immediately get the plant/flower and do the necessary. Why pay hefty fee to the vet when you can effectively treat your dog, right at home?

Certain herbal homeopathic medicines are also easily available.

Easy to administer

Herbal treatment for dogs is easier than the therapy provided at a vet clinic. You can finely chop the leaf/flower/any other and simply add it to your dog’s food.

Some of these can even be mixed with water or milk.

Instant Result

Some dog herbal remedies offer instant results. So, you need not waste time taking an appointment and rushing your dog all the way to his clinic.

Learn some quick home remedy tips and take care of your pet.

While some minor dog health issues can be treated at home, we advise you not to try unproven remedies.

Additionally, keep your vet informed of the natural remedies you are using so that he will have a better knowledge of your dog’s medical history.

Let us now explore some natural remedies for dogs. 

Here we discuss four herbal remedies that are safe and effective.

Natural remedy for bruised muscles

Let’s say you have been training your dog with consistent hard physical sessions. Upon a routine inspection post-session, you come across bruises over his abdomen.

Though not punctured and severe, you cannot let those bruises stay there! A simple herbal treatment for dogs under such circumstances is the arnica

This is a homeopathic medicine made from the sunflower perennial, popularly called as the Leopard’s Bane. This blooms during the early spring and is available in gel, creams and pellet forms

Get to your nearest health store to buy this wonder medicine. You can ask the doctor for the dosage. It is always advisable to keep this medicine handy since dogs are naughty and active animals, and are prone to such wounds.

Natural remedy for cracked/dry paw pads

Your dog’s paws can get dry and cracked if he is not used to dog booties.

As a remedy for such a condition, you can use vitamin E oil or coconut oil to restore the natural tone. Both these oils are easily available and have been used as home remedies for dog since decades.

His condition will improve if the crack or dryness is due to the weather or pounding however if it persists, consult your vet. You can also apply coconut oil over your pet’s cracked and dry nose.

Coconut and vitamin E oils are also widely used by humans to restore their skin condition. Both are very effective remedies and easily available at health stores and neighborhood retail stores.

You can also find them online. However, make sure to buy a renowned brand to be sure of the quality.

Herbal remedy for anxiety in dogs

Anxiety and stress are a few common health issues experienced by dogs. Some dogs even fear vet visits. If your dog gets stressed easily and suffers due to the condition, do not worry.

There is a simple natural remedy. While you can avoid the triggers responsible for your dog’s anxiety to some extent, you cannot always prevent all of them.

Before your dog gets hyped, we suggest the use of Rescue remedy, a blend of natural flower extracts.

You can also use Zylkene (made from milk protein), lavender-infused collars or dog-appeasing pheromone diffuser. These are natural anxiety remedies for dogs.

Handling dog anxiety is one of the challenges many dog owners face. Often they consult vets to deal with dog stress.

The remedies suggested in the aforesaid paragraph are natural calming remedies for dogs.

There are no side effects associated with these remedies.

Natural remedy for an upset digestive system

If your dog is suffering from gastrointestinal issues or motion sickness, he will have an upset stomach, putting your furry companion into discomfort.

Extract of the ginger root that can be easily procured from your kitchen garden is also an excellent herbal remedy for digestive upset and nausea. 

Generally, it is very effective and when administered in doses as suggested, your dog will feel fine.

However, if he continues to have an upset stomach, we recommend you take him to the vet. There might be an underlying condition that needs to be diagnosed.


Dog herbal remedies are getting popular by the day. While some, as we said, can be found in your kitchen cabinet or garden, several others can be bought from your local health store.

Homeopathy, according to studies is a proven and holistic form of medicine that works on the root cause of the problem.

Keep some basic medicines handy while growing medicinal plants like ginger and aloe vera in your garden. You need not have a large backyard to grow these herbs. They can be grown in small pots too.

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