December 10

Four Excellent Reasons to Use Herbal Remedies For Your Dog


I guess that we have all heard that herbal medicines and remedies are good for us, as they do not have harmful side effects.

Well, the same can be said for the herbal remedies that are available to treat our canine friends with. Herbal remedies for dogs can also sometimes treat minor ailments just as well as conventional medicine!

I use them and here are four reasons why you should as well.

1. First off, not all canned dog food contains the full range of vitamins and other good things that your dog needs to get from his diet. 

This is usually why people go for natural, organic dog food as well.

This is one area where you can boost your dog's health by giving him herbal supplements as a daily part of his diet.

2. Next up, is the good that herbal remedies can do for all those illnesses that come with old age. Sometimes your dog suffers from stiff joints and arthritis

if so then giving it a daily dose of an herbal medicine can help to ease his pain.

3. A third reason is that giving your dog a daily dose of herbs can give his system the boost it needs to fight off all the usual ills that he may suffer from.

It is a bit like the jabs that the doctor gives us to help ward of the winter flu.

4. Finally, there is the added advantage of low cost compared to the cost of a visit to the vet. Paying for prescription medicines can be costly and most drugs do have unpleasant side effects.

Well, these are the reasons why I give my dog herbal supplements and prefer to treat him with herbs when he is ill. Why do not you try them, your dog will thank you for it.

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