Doggie Training Centre - Doggie Training Centre - Part 16

Dog insurance

dog insurance puppy insurance
05 Jul, 2016

Dog insurance is highly recommended these days because of the escalating costs and factors pertaining to the health maintenance in out beloved dogs and puppies.  Dog owners need to...

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Puppy Training

05 Jul, 2016

A new puppy in the home excites everyone especially children but make sure you got the puppy for a good reason and not just on a spur of the...

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Dog Food Training

food training techniques 1
27 Sep, 2015

 Food has always been perhaps the one thing that all species look forward to: sustenance, survival, power.There are many studies and academic journals that detail the uses of food...

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5 Golden rules of dog training

13 Sep, 2015

This post is dedicated to the 5 Golden Rules, as I’ve learnt from Doggie Dan. the most important rules you’ll learn about dog training!   The 5 golden rules...

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Dog Training Basics

08 Sep, 2015

Sit. Stay. Rollover. Play Dead. Fetch. These are the basic tricks you often hear dog owners tell their pets to do (some with... questionable success) followed by treats or...

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