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How to Stop Your Puppy Chewing in 5 Easy Steps



You picked up your puppy a few days ago and already it has gone through your shoes, your favorite books, gnawed the door frames and legs of the dining table. If this is allowed to continue it is going to get rather expensive and you and your new friend are going to fall out big time.

So What are we going to do about it?

First thing is to make sure your puppy is healthy so take it to the vet for a check to ensure it hasn’t got a medical condition which is causing it to chew. This illness is called Pica and makes your pup eat non food stuff to try and help it deal with nausea.

Next, understand that whilst chewing is normal and forms a healthy part of your puppy’s development there are levels which are OK and there are those which are not. Puppies find out a lot about their world through the act of chewing so it should not be totally discouraged.

A puppy explores its new world through tactile senses and taste is used through chewing different kinds of objects. However, as with children we need to ensure that puppies are chewing things which are safe and not harmful such as electrical cords or poisonous houseplants. Even chocolate poses a threat to your puppy.

Consistent Use Of The Word “No”

Your puppy should be taught the meaning of no very early in its training so that it will respond instantaneously to your command. This one command has saved many a dog from awful situations. You train your puppy by keeping on repeating the word “no” each time a situation occurs that is not acceptable. If you catch them eating your trainers say “No” in a very affirmaive tone and remove the trainers from the puppy.

Don’t get dragged into a game of tug of war. Just take the item quickly and reinforce your command with maybe a spray from a bottle of water, loudly clap your hands or by tapping the nose of your puppy lightly. This will normally be enough to remove your puppy’s interest in what they are chewing on.

Don’t get sucked into chasing your puppy as this will make your puppy think it is a game and they can play this for hours! Calmly get close to the puppy and remove the object.

If your puppy is subjecting a certain item to constant chewing then it is OK to apply something to that item which tasted nasty but is not harmful to the puppy. Try sprnkling curry power into vaseline and rubbing this on areas which have previously been chewed. Puppy soon finds the foul taste too much and will leave well alone.

You do however want to puppy to chew at certain times as this is a healthly exercise for a dog. Offer up a suitable object for them to chew on such as a toy or crunchy dog treats. Periodically let them have chewy sticks which aid their oral hygience and relieve their want to chew.

Also be aware that all animals are different. Your dog may react differently than another dog in a given situation. Some dogs develop aggressive stances upon attempts to remove an object from their possession. If your dog becomes aggressive and territorial, then professional assistance is highly recommended to avoid further problems or biting.

Through these simple steps you can make sure your pup comes to no harm, you do not fall out with each other and you get to where your trainers on walks.


Don’t neglect your dog! If you need training tips and help, be sure to check out our link here!

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