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Is Raw Dog Food Healthy For My Pet?



More and more pet owners are becoming convinced that raw dog food provides the best form of nutrition. Think about it – it’s what animals in the wild have eaten for centuries. This is nutrition as only nature can supply. Years ago, pets weren’t fed canned and processed, additive- and preservative-laden foods. Many dog lovers today believe that manufactured and processed “filler” dog foods are responsible for more human-type ailments that are afflicting pets than ever before.

Today, most of society is seeing the benefits of an all-natural and nutritious healthy diet. It works to keep humans thriving and at their optimum level of health. The same is true for pets. Dogs (and cats) by nature are carnivores and to receive the nutrition their bodies need requires a level of food that is more than can be found in canned or processed foods with ingredients that would not normally be found in nature. For dogs, it can be found in a raw dog food diet.

Some dehydrated dog food products are frozen and some remain fresh in their natural state until you add warm water to create a refreshing and unpolluted meal for your dog. Many raw food alternatives use hormone-free and antibiotic-free meats as well as 100 percent organic grains. When the ingredients can be referred to as 100 percent human grade food, you can be confident that food choice is a good one.

Raw food in dehydrated (dried) form is a natural process that has been used throughout the ages by humans. The nutritional value of the ingredients remains at premium quality through the use of this method. The moisture in the food (water) is removed in the process of dehydrating raw foods. When water is re-added to the food, it becomes whole again and offers the best nutrient-rich food source. For meat and egg components, the drying takes place at a high enough temperature to kill any bacteria that may have been present so that each food item remains completely safe.

How do you know if the raw dog food you choose for your pet is the right one? After a month or so, you should be able to notice a natural sheen on your dog’s coat, healthier skin, a brighter attitude, and an increased energy level. If you notice these changes, and your dog gets a glowing annual report from your veterinarian showing good overall test results and strong teeth, you will have a good indicator that your best canine friend is receiving the proper nutrition.


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