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Lost in Dog Treats Variety?



If you have had a dog you already know why dog ​​trips are so popular. If you have adopted your first dog, it is time to educate yourself about the most popular dog treats and their use.

Pig and Cow Ears

Although pig and cow ears may look disgusting the first time you see these, your dog is likely to love them. Pig and cow ears are delicious for your dog. Usually they are made without the use of any chemical ingredients such as preservatives or artificial colors. Pig and cow ears are perfect for the growing puppy that is eager to chew everything on its way because of teething problems.

Knotted bones

Knotted bones are another type of popular dog trees. They are available in various sizes – from small ones to huge ones. You should get a size that corresponds to your dog size. Also have in mind that knotted are quite hard so unsuitable for puppies. When buying a knotted bone for your dog ask what are its ingredients. Avoid buying trees that contain artificial colorants or any other chemical substances. Try to stick to natural products instead. They might be a bit more expensive though are much healthier for your dog, which is saving you money in the long run.

Dog chips

Dog chips is great for dog training. There are various kinds of dog chips – plain, beef, chicken, pork, butter and so on. You can have several tastes – this way you will keep your dog addicted to his new treat for a longer period of time.


Chews are one of the most popular dog training trips. As with the rest of the dog beats the variety is huge. There are meaty chews with various flavors, vegetable chews, and even chews that are good for your dog's dental hygiene.

Since there is a vast choice of dog trips available you should also learn to be alert of certain things when buying. First of all always buy dog ​​trips of famous and proven brands. Cheaper products or products with unknown origin can be harmful and even lethal for your dog.

Second – look at the ingredients list. A dog treat type is good when it contains natural ingredients only. Artificial colorants, preservatives or other substances are bad for your dog's health. Avoid greasy treats as well as trees that contain a lot of sugar or spices.

Finally if you are not quite sure which dog trips are suitable for your dog, ask your vet or dog trainer.


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