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Doggy Dan : The Online Dog Trainer review (UPDATE MAY 2018)


You've seen him in most of my dog training tips and tricks: videos, as well as in written text. So, who exactly is he?



First off, he's the author of the site, The Online Dog Trainer. What it is, is basically an online dog training portal. However, he's not your average, run-of-the-mill dog trainer; teaches pet owners to train dogs without force or using fear.


His program will teach you how to communicate with your dog (ie looking out for the various body languages of your dog), and stop him misbehaving (such as barking unnecessarily/aggressiveness) In short, he'll help solve any dog problems.

Dan also teaches owners to handle their dogs without the use of more... cruel origins like shock collars, water guns or any of that.


To be honest, I bought his program out of desperation. I have a rescued chihuahua who is extremely loving and loyal to a fault. But he tends to bark at 3am


It also doesn't help that I live in an apartment so... You can say he's pretty infamous. He also is unnecessarily aggressive toward other dogs (he has been neutered but for some reason he still is aggressive). After watching countless Cesar Milan videos and many others on youtube I was exhausted trying to find solutions.


It got so bad that my neighbors approached me to 'chain him up' or I would possibly be kicked out by the landlord!


One day, after work and feeling exhausted, I just clicked a random website (I was pretty much half asleep so I didn't know what I clicked) and it led me to Doggie Dan's website. I was listening to his video when he mentioned that he could help with my situation. The trial was $1 so I just decided to give him a try.


That was probably the best decision I made that night 10 months ago.


So why am I painting Dan in such a good light? Its simple: his course helped me when few others managed to.


1.  When I started the course, I emailed him to ask for his help. Normally, to have a specialized consultation with an animal expert it costs hundreds of dollars. However, he personally replied to my email telling me precisely what went wrong and how I should approach the situation instead FOR FREE.


He even proposed we have a Skype session to help me see where I went wrong! I dare say not many people would've offered such personal help. (I wasn't even expecting him to reply!). Yeah, Doggy Dan really lives up to his reputation of being professional AND helpful.


2. It got even better - Through my emails and conversations with him, I realized that despite him being a media celebrity in the online dog training world, he is a man who would take time out to personally help and thank his clients for believing in him.


He's also extremely humble; he never brags about his success, but continually strives to improve himself and his course.


3. His course is LOADED with over 250+ (and growing!) HD videos which are easy to understand and implement immediately in any training you have planned for your dog.


Also, if you're always running about, he has a selection of audiotapes for you to download so that you can listen to his tips on the go so you won't have to waste any time sitting in front of the laptop!


4. While he doesn't brag, he has such confidence in his international training course that he is willing to offer a 60 day money-back guarantee if you're in any way not satisfied (honestly i haven't heard of anyone unsatisfied with his course)


5. His course is currently endorsed by the New Zealand SPCA which I believe speaks VOLUMES about his course.


6. Most importantly, his passion and love for dogs is so amazingly deep. If you don't believe me, just watch a video of him handling any dog!


Lastly, the sign up process for his course is extremely quick and easy to access. Need help? Just log in and find video to help you!


For all his great points, I must admit that there are things I would gripe about:

A) He has quite a few clients and is often busy. So, he might take a while longer to reply any emails or queries you have (These days he replies me perhaps in 2 days which, honestly is still acceptable for me)


But rest assured, he WILL get back to you! Or, the forum members can also help you out!


B) A few of the videos look a bit.... Old and outdated. While the content within the videos are still top-tier quality, it still just makes me a little annoyed. But I suppose that's just me being like a  spoilt brat in a HD world.


This is why I felt compelled to do an honest review about his Online Dog Trainer Review - full of substance, and no BS at all from him. Pure content, helpfulness and a willingness for his clients to succeed in training their dogs.


As a closing thought, here's what some of his other clients had to say!


After all that's said and done, I truly hope that my review of Dan's course has better informed you of Dan's course. If you would truly want to see lasting results in your pet's behavior, then look no further than the Online Dog Trainer. I promise you, you will be extremely impressed with it.
So, click here To visit The Online Dog Trainer Now, and see what Dan can do for you!



I wish you the very best in training your dog and having the time of your life with them!

Overall - Worth the purchase, worth the money, worth the help.


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