Why Are Pomeranian Dogs So Popular?

16 Jun, 2018

Affectionately known as Poms, PomPoms, and Pommies, the Pomeranian has swept into society as a force to be reckoned with. 

Like many of the breeds in the toy group, the Pomeranian's personality is far bigger than their bodies.

 They are hot stuff and they know it. They boldly bounce around life and rule their people like benevolent dictators. They can be willful and stubborn and usually suspicious of strangers.

This is probably why Pomeranian dogs are popular. They're sassy, and they own it.

 Thankfully, many have been able to get along with other pets and other dogs.

They are protective, loyal and demanding. Pomeranian dogs demand little in terms of food or exercise - just playing in the house will suffice on most days - but they are demanding in terms of needing your attention to their presence and attention to their magnificent but easily matting double-layered coats.

If you groom your Pomeranian every day, not only will your Pomeranian get used to being handled, but it will save you less time caring for the coat in the long run.

Grooming can be a great way to interact and give worshipful attention to your Pomeranian.

Pomeranians make ideal companions for single adults or senior citizens. They are not recommended for homes with small children, as both will wind up hurting each other unless trained properly.

Plus, there are variants of Poms called Teacup Pomeranians. They are extremely tiny, and quite frankly small childen could... Just step on them and flatten them outright. So take note of that!

Pomeranian dogs do well in urban settings or apartments. Pomeranians do not need a hike in the woods every day in terms of exercise, but still needs to be supervised if left out in the yard.

Sadly, Pomeranians are so popular that they have become a magnet for thieves.

And Pomeranians do not help matters any by boldly announcing their presence and strutting their stuff before anyone who happens by.

Most Pomeranian information in books or on the Internet only focuses on the good sides of living with Pomeranians. Keep in mind that there are bad sides, as well.

Their coat needs a thorough grooming every day in order to keep it tangle-free. They also have surprisingly fragile frames - it has been known for Pomeranians to die just from jumping from your arms to the floor.

Pomeranian dogs are prone to some health problems more so than some other breeds, but not as much as others. They can be prone to eye problems, skin problems, teeth problems, leg and knee problems.

 They have delicate skeletons and teeth that are less strong as the average dog's. They need their teeth brushed and their eyes checked daily.

Do not roughhouse with a Pomeranian and do not let them jump more than a foot from the ground.

Most health problems with Pomeranians are curable, especially if done early. By grooming your Pomeranian every day, you can check for early signs of health problems, like swellings or bald patches.

That also gives you a great time to interact with your Pomeranian and lavish him or her with the attention they thrive in.

According to Pomeranian information on the web and in print, Pomeranians do not need a lot of exercise and can live happily in an apartment.