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Golden retrievers and pugs are two popular purebred dogs with unique traits. But over the years, certain exclusive breeders have learned to mix these two dogs to produce a hybrid dog called the pug golden retriever mix.

In some parts of the world, people call this new pug breed other names, like the pug golden retriever mix or simply the golden pug. But only a few of those dog enthusiasts have actually seen one of these golden breeds in real life.

So, in this article, we'll tell you everything there is to know about these golden pugs, how they compare with other pets, and what you need to become one of its owners.

Why is A Golden Retriever Pug Mix Very Rare?

Yes, it's quite true that both parental breeds of the rare golden pugs (golden retrievers and purebred pugs) are popular among dog breeders. But these two breeds are different.

For one, golden retrievers are bigger. They have long noses, longer tails, and longer life spans than a purebred pug. But in terms of temperament, pugs are less friendly. So, they need more grooming before you can leave them alone with children.

Because of this difference in size, temperament, coat appearance, and other traits, natural hybrid dogs between goldens and pugs are rare. So, only experienced breeders with deep knowledge about in-vitro processes breed this animal.

That means, aside from being rare, golden pugs are quite expensive as well.

But in general, it is also rare that people do breed these two species together - especially those looking for pure pedigree. Why would you mix them willingly, right?

What Does A Golden Retriever Pug Mix Look Like?

As a hybrid dog, a new purebred golden pug, in its own right, is a blend of all traits between a golden retriever and a pug. So, the features you would see on different golden pugs may vary.

Often, this variation depends on the breed of golden retriever or pug used and the expertise of the breeder. Following are the features you'll likely find in a good breed between golden retrievers and pugs.

General Appearance of Golden Pugs

On average, pug golden retrievers have flat coats.

This coat can be a double or single layer. Likewise, they have flat skins, and their fur size lies in between that of a golden retriever and a pug.

But overall, these dogs resemble small golden retrievers in their stature. At the same time, their faces look rounded, less wrinkly, and more like that of a pug.

Although, unlike pugs, the nose of a golden pug is longer. But it doesn't match up to that of a golden retriever.

The Appearance of Golden Pug Tails

One of the major differences between golden retrievers and pugs lies in their tail. As for pugs, their tails are curled, short, and less fluffy, whereas golden retrievers have long and hairy tails.

In golden pugs, the tails are only medially curved, hairy, and longer than those in purebred pugs.

The Overall Weight and Height of Golden Pugs

This depends on the generation of golden pugs in question. Sometimes, the first generation of golden pugs can take on the size of either their parental male pug or golden retriever.

Considering that, a golden pug can weigh anything between 14 -75 pounds. They could be anything between 10 - 24 inches in terms of shoulder height.

Fur Color in Golden Pugs

Just because these dog breeds are called golden pugs, it doesn't mean they are all coated golden.

Instead, their coat color depends on how many pug or retriever traits they inherit.If they inherit more from their golden retriever parents, the golden pugs would appear golden or slightly yellowish.

Otherwise, golden retrievers can be tan or even slightly dark. So, it depends.

Where Can You Find A Pug Golden Retriever Mix?

As said earlier, it's difficult to come across a natural breed of a golden retriever pug mix. So, meeting a breeder is your best chance of owning one of these dog breeds.

In most cases, people trust certified members of the American Kennel Club to secure their hybrid dogs. But they are quite hard to find.

As an alternative, you can opt to find dog plugs online. But you need to verify their details before you buy from them. Because sometimes, rookies and scammers pose as experts with such exotic and unconventional dog breeds. So, be careful.

Besides the online plug, people often get a pug golden retriever by accident. In fact, many cases often happen in daycare kennels or local homes where male pugs mate with female goldens to produce golden retriever pug mix puppies.

If you know someone with the luck of having a healthy golden retriever mix, you can buy from them.

What Are The Advantages of Having A Pug Golden Retriever Mix?

One of the major reasons we make hybrid dogs is their increased resistance to health problems. Other reasons can include grooming needs and energy level.

As for golden pugs, let's see why owners crave them:

Golden Pugs Are Quite A Lot Healthier Than Pugs

In pug history, their body structure contributes a lot to their genetic health issues, breathing problems, and palate problems.

For instance, the small size and shape of their nose are notable causes of their breathing problems. Some experts even say that it makes them snore loudly.

On the flip side, golden pugs have longer snouts and fewer nose wrinkles than pugs. They have fewer health issues than pugs.

Golden Pugs Shed Less Fur Than Golden Retrievers

In golden retriever history, both males and females shed more fur than some other dogs. This is because they have long fur.

However, the fur length of the pug golden retriever mix is midway between golden retrievers and pugs. So, their tendency to shed fur is lower.

Golden Pugs Are Easier to Train

Pugs have higher grooming needs than goldens. But in a good breed, golden pugs often inherit the friendly habit of their retriever parents.

So, they are quite intelligent, trainable, and have a genuine love for children and adults.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we noted golden pugs are rare dog breeds. But if you own one, you will enjoy them more than a pug and slightly more than a retriever.

That's because, like all carefully bred hybrid dogs, golden pugs combine the best traits of their parents.

So pug golden retrievers would really make a good family friend.

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