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Puppy Training


A new puppy in the home excites everyone especially children but make sure you got the puppy for a good reason and not just on a spur of the moment feeling. Like they say dogs are for life not just for Christmas. A puppy can bring lots of happy memories and times but they have a lot of puppy training and work involved to, they are not all fun and no work!

A puppy’s temperament depends on where the puppy has been brought up and what type of breed he is. German shepherds, Rottweilers, bull dogs and boxers are all guard type dogs so tend to be very loving and protective. Border and bearded collies tend to be herding dogs and reared on farms and tend to be quite enthusiastic and never sit still (be aware because they are reared on a farm they may be a little bit nervous around modern day technologies, such as bridges, loud noises etc). Labradors, gun dogs and pointer are all hunting dogs so expect them to be full of energy and laughable moments. Of course these are just general expectations every dog has its day…and its personality!


That said, puppy training can be extremely fulfilling, especially when you successfully train the breeds that are deemed hard to train. Not only will it bring satisfaction, you’ll also enjoy a dog that is loyal, obedient and all round loving and devoted to you! In this article on how to train your puppy, we’ll get right down to the advice. However, for a more comprehensive article on how to train your puppy, you can find a few on this website:-

    1. For the most basic of puppy training, you’ll find it here.
    2. How to train your puppy to be used to crates here.

For puppy training with food, you’ll find useful tips and advice here.Puppy training is something that can be achieved in a matter of weeks depending how much time and attention you spend on it.


You don’t need to train for hours and hours a day, a few minutes several times a day is all it takes. The first thing you need to train your new puppy in is obedience, commands like sit, come, heel, stay and fetch are basic enough for them to learn. As they get older you can incorporate commands like paw, roll over and play dead! Training a young puppy is not as hard as you may think as they are like a blank sheet of paper waiting to be written on. For a more structured lesson plan, you can have a look here.


The way and things that that they are taught will stick to them and will influence them later on in life, although training isn’t forever so you need spend a few minutes every day just to keep reminding them what to do.There are not so nice consequences involved when puppies aren’t trained, for a start your house will constantly be a toiler ground for them and your furniture will have massive holes in it.


Puppies are like babies and need to be taught the difference between right and wrong, to do this you need some puppy dog training! Many handlers experienced or in-experienced are turning towards training products and aids but training can be done without these methods. Sometimes all you need is just a bit of good old hard work!


Of course, we understand that sometimes merely speaking about training doesn’t truly teach you much. We recommend you having a look at Doggie Dan’s easy to follow training methods for maximum clarity.


Puppy training may take several months to train but when it is complete the rewards will be well worth it, but don’t forget to top up on your puppy training for several minutes each day or your dog will slowly forget and you’ll have to start all over again, with an even bigger task, training an older dog!
Remember that learning how to train your puppy is a vital aspect of having it being calm and gentle even with guests and children.

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