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Rescued Dogs as Family Pets


If you plan on getting a dog as a family pet, your go-to option should be to adopt one from a nearby shelter.

Although there is an increase in popularity of this trend, there are people who are cautious about bringing these canines home.


The common misconception is that when it comes to rescued dogs as family pets, you can only select from a limited pool of canines.

Each member of your family has different preferences when it comes to dog breeds. Due to this reason, it is understandable why you think twice before going through with this option.


Another misconception is that the qualities of a rescue dog is lower in comparison to one you get from a licensed breeder. You should know adopting these canines will be a life-changer, as you will find new best friends.


What is a rescue dog?


Before jumping into whether rescue dogs are good pets or not, it is important to understand which canines fall into this category.

A rescue dog is one who suffered from abandonment, neglect, or abuse from its previous owner.

Due to the living conditions of this canine, it gets placed in a new household. It can also refer to strays surrendered by its earlier owners.


There are several reasons why people have to take this route. For instance, their relationship is undergoing a breakdown, due to which the owners cannot accommodate the pet in their household.

It can also refer to canines abandoned by elderly people, who were unable to take their dogs to nursing homes.


Are rescue dogs good pets?


Now that you know what is a rescue dog the next question you have in your mind is whether they are good pets. It is understandable why you want to learn more about this topic, due to the trauma these canines experienced under the care of their previous owners.


In short, rescue animals make some of the best family dogs. Why is this the case?


Extremely loyal

One of the reasons why rescue dogs are good family pets is because of the loyalty they have for their current owners. Your canine may indeed take time to adjust to its new lifestyle when you adopt it.


However, once it starts to establish a bond with you, there isn’t anything in the world that will change its mind. Rescued dogs as family pets are an excellent option because these canines are extremely loyal to you.


When they start trusting you, it will love your family unconditionally. Also, rescue dogs will always appreciate your home, because it knows the value of a loving household.

As these canines experienced homelessness, they will be grateful for all the love you can give.


Excellent guard dogs


If you are planning on getting a dog to protect your household, a rescue dog is the way to go. Since these canines value living in a home, it is common that they will want to protect it at all costs.

Due to this reason, it can become quite territorial, preventing unknown people from entering your property.


However, you may face some issues if you plan on bringing your friends and extended family over. With appropriate care and training, you can overcome these problems, to ensure your rescue dog trusts the right people.


Lower costs


When you want to get a purebred from a breeder, you have to pay a premium. However, this isn’t the case with a rescue, as the cost of getting and maintaining one is quite low.

One of the reasons why you should get rescued dogs as family pets is because of the reduction in medical costs.


If your pet comes from a shelter, they would have already given it all the necessary vaccinations. Majority of the shelters have the practice of neutering the dogs they save. Also, if the rescue is suffering from a medical condition, they would have already started treatment.


What should you keep in mind when getting rescued dogs as family pets?


Although the canines in shelters might have faced abuse or trauma from previous owners, this isn’t the case for every dog. Some puppies are in shelters because their owners didn’t spay the parent dogs.


You should also keep the following things in mind when getting rescued dogs as family pets:


Give it time to adjust


When you bring a rescue dog home for the first time, it may be scared because of the change in environment. Keep in mind that shelters often accommodate hundreds of pets in the same place.

Due to this reason, your dog may be surrounded by other canines, who bark or how constantly.


Your house, which is a far cry from the shelter environment, can induce fear, as your pet is in a new place again. If you want your rescue dogs to be good family pets, you should give it time to adjust.

Always reach out to the shelter or a nearby vet, if your canine is finding it challenging in adapting to your home.


Take time to learn your dog’s personality


After you bring the rescue dog home, you must keep a close eye on it at all times. During the early days, avoid leaving it alone with your children.

t is essential to remember that you don’t know everything about your new canine.


Even if your rescue dog is one of the sweetest canines you have come across, it is always better to be cautious.

As your new friend has undergone some form of trauma, your dog can be unpredictable. Always take the time to learn about your dog’s personality.


Rescue canines are the best family dogs because they will grow to love everyone in your household. Remember to be patient with these canines as it takes time for them to establish trust with their new owners.

During the transition period, make sure you teach the rescue dogs about the rules of your household. Once they get used to everyone, they will become the best family dogs you’ve ever known in your life!

Remember, adopt - don't shop!

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