December 13

The Shiba Inu – Awesome Fuzzy Friend and Guard Dog


Made famous by the meme "doge" and its subsequent appearances in memes and funny dog posts, the Japanese Shiba Inu is now not only and internet sensation, it's also fast becoming one of the most beloved creatures on the planet.

Plus point: They come in White (actually more off-white), Orange, and Black tones! Regardless of color, they all have 1 thing in common - their faces are incredibly cute and adorable.

Expressive, loyal, and extremely independent, this breed is not one for inexperienced owners - their independence is in their nature, and as such, training them is a challenge even for experienced pet owners and dog trainers. Leave the shiba inu training to the experienced!

Even as puppies, the shiba inus have that independent streak about them - it's seemingly in their nature. Perhaps that's the real draw of this breed - they are a lot less likely to flop down onto your lap like a Golden Retriever. Rather, they are more likely to look at your, expect a pat, belly rub, and then walk off, leaving you feeling... Unloved.

That said, they're always fun to be around - they constantly play around, enjoy a good tussle with their pack (human or otherwise), and are usually very expressive vocally - they can be as lively as huskies when they want to be! 

Just be prepared to have your furniture and other random things chewed on and toyed with. And a lot more money to fix broken wires, phones, and basically anything they can get their hands on...

Training them is moderately hard  as mentioned above - Their independent streak already makes it hard to even put a leash around them, let alone get them to the door for a walk! But most of the time, as with other dogs, training them from young to have a leash, exercising them and generally engaging them will help reduce their destructive tendencies to a manageable level.

Teaching them tricks is also a useful way to engage them.  Anything that engages them would help in lowering their destructiveness and energy (see the training in previous paragraph!)

However, what you CANNOT do to a shiba inu is to FORCE them. As mentioned earlier, they're highly independent dogs, and any force will only make them resent you. In some cases, they will openly rebel against you.

You need to spend a lot of time with them though, to ensure that they aren't destructive (read - a stay-at-home dog parent). Left alone, some shiba inus will get into everything - that includes boxes, food, and other small animals (i.e. cats, squirrels) as well as the furniture mentioned above.

Despite their relatively small stature, they're guard dogs at heart. Gain their loyalty, and they'll always be your fuzzy, loving protectors. 

To have proper shiba training, the same 5 golden rules apply to this breed as much as any other. After all, they may behave differently, but they're all dogs at heart, who love to play and be loved by their owners.

There's debate as to whether you own shibas, or if they own you, though....

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