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Solutions for Serious Dog Urine Problems



Dogs are such loveable creatures. They can be such a happy companion. They can also be of big help in many ways. They are pets that have so much to offer. No wonder many families have dogs as house members.

Yet, all these good things and more do have a downside. It is not all about the rewards of having a dog. There are also obligations and tasks that have to be done in a dog-care experience. One of these crucial obstacles is dealing with the dog urine.

Dog urine is a serious problem for dog owners.

Helpful Tips in Dealing with Dog Urine

1. Train the dog as early as possible.

Dogs that are kept outdoors will not be much of a problem inside the household. However, it is also crucial that the dog is trained to go only on a specific spot. This is to avoid making the whole garden or yard a restroom to your dog.

Find a spot where people do not often go. This way the odor will be concentrated and will not spread to the rest of the yard. It is not fun to have an afternoon of barbecue with the smell of the urine taking over.

For dogs that are kept indoors, especially the toy dogs, it is best to provide a litter box for them to use. Some owners who maintain the dog indoors still choose to let them go out when they need to soil or urinate. Both of these options will take some serious dog training. Anyhow, any effort will be worth it once the pet learns how to behave properly.

2. Most dogs are also dependent on routines, especially the newly-trained ones. It is best to keep watch of the behavior of the dog when big changes happen in the household, like when repairs are done or someone moves in.

3. Doggy diapers are also available in the market. However, the ones available are good only for male dogs.

4. Always use an odor remover or cleaner to the places where the dog urinated or soiled. This is to avoid it from being marked as its territory. The dog will not help but return to the same spot if there will be any odor left.

5. There are household items that can be used to remove the odor like using vinegar and water. This is being resourceful. However, to get the best solutions in the urine odor problem, purchase odor removing products from the market. Surely there is one available in the nearest grocery or pet shop. The internet community is also a good source to shop for some quality products.

Compared to the water and vinegar, these products could leave a fresh scent for your household.

6. There are also instances when the dog keeps urinating indoors despite training. This could be due to some spots where the dog urine had left some residue. These spots may however be beyond your capabilities to identify on your own.

There are cleanup kits especially made for dog urine. They often come in packages that are able to clean the coverage of a big room. This is a good solution for serious dog urine problems.

Tackling the serious problem of dog urine is really stressful. However, there are options to handle the situation. Know the options available. Make the experience of owning a dog a wonderful one.


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