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Stop Dog Begging – Do not Give It Anything



Stop dog begging for food to prevent it from becoming an annoying sight in the presence or guests or during regular family meals. Begging is not an innate dog behavior. It is a characteristic that your pet has learned because someone taught it in a way or another; and that could be you.

The act of giving the dog something from the table while you are eating will teach the dog to beg. A dog that has not been handed out with table scraps even once would not even mind if you or anyone in the house is taking a meal.

Normally, dogs do not beg, but they can develop the habit very easily. If your dog has the habit already, you have to reverse it by following certain methods that can make it abandon the behavior.

But before you begin to reverse your dog's begging behavior, you have to tell everyone in the house of your intention so that they can do their part to make your plan a success. The dog will never drop its begging habit if somebody else continues to be generous to it while he's eating. You should instruct everyone not to be transported away by the dog's begging face.

The best way to let the dog drop its habit of begging for food or attention is to just simply ignore it. In a short time, it will already forget to associate the food it gets with its act.

Stop Dog Begging for Food

Being consistent with your rule of not giving anything to your dog as you eat, it will lose interest in begging because it will soon realize that its action did not bring back the response that it once got. If you break this rule even for once by giving your pet even the smallest bit of scrap, you are bringing back the habit and you will be compelled to go back to square one.

Some owners who want to free their dogs from begging keep their dog busy while they eat. They do this by engaging their pets in a separate activity by giving it a bone or timing by its regular meal with the family eating time.

Stop Dog Begging for Attention

There's nothing more effective than ignoring your dog when it starts for your attention. By not paying any attention to it when it wants to catch your eye, the dog will give up and stay quiet. Remember, if you are serious about stopping your dog's begging for your attention, you never have to speak to it, touch it or even make eye contact with it, in short, you have to snub it until it drops the habit.

Again, you must be consistent so that you will be successful with anything that you want to teach your dog to learn or abandon. Dogs are very good at tagging your actions with its responses; This is the very reason why you should be consistent, or you will confuse it with your changing rules.

Dealing with a dog's attention-begging habit is sometimes difficult to access because you can feel guilty for ignoring it. But since consistency is the best dog training policy, you should also be consistent with your own practices.


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