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Stop Your Dog Barking – Before Someone Else Does



The importance of stopping your dog barking came home to me about 15 years ago. I returned home from work picked up the mail greeted my dogs and went into the house. Imagine my shock when I opened an innocent brown letter (why are letters with bad news always brown?), To be satisfied with the words "Your dog has been reported to us for being a noise nuisance"

"I do not believe it!" I exclaimed. How could that be? How dare someone suggest that my dogs were a noise nuisance. I rang my husband and between us we racked our brains trying to work out how it could have happened.

Now my dogs are not entirely silent – when they have something to say they will speak – but continuous barking? I do not think so! The letter stated that over the next two weeks we should keep a diary of when our dogs barked and our (anonymous) accuser would do the same.

We checked with our near neighbors to see if one of them had complained. The had not. They appreciated the fact that if our dogs were barking someone was approaching their house. Our dogs were contributing to their security!

Four weeks later we received another letter, telling us that the local council in its wisdom, (we live in the UK) had decided not to take the matter further. We never found out who reported us. Or why. It could have been so easily sorted out without the unpleasant letter, and left us with the uncomfortable feeling that someone nearby had tried to make trouble for us – someone who we had lived near for nigh on 20 years and who we – and our different dogs – had never had a cross word with. I tiptoed round feeling like a criminal for weeks after!

The point I'm trying to make is that over recent years people are becoming much less tolerant of noise pollution in any form. I'll agree that a dog that barks continuously is unacceptable, especially at night, but all dogs bark occasionally – it's their way of expressing natural behavior. All dog owners have a responsibility to make sure their dogs are well-behaved and this now also includes the amount of noise they make.

The easiest way to stop your dog barking continuously is to never let it start. If you have a puppy, is it easy to teach him not to bark unnecessarily – he is eager to please and follow your lead. If you have a dog barking problem already, it is still able to control his barking, but it is going to take more time and patience.

Do not be lazy and opt for one of the many training devices available (shock collar), as it is possible to use normal (not cruel) training methods. If your dog is one of the rare ones that does not respond well, consider contacting a professional dog trainer to help. If money is a problem, try one of the local dog training classes; this has the added advantage of reinforcing all the other skills essentially required to have a well behaved dog.

Do not wait until you have a letter from the permissions before you address the problem. Do it now.


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