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The Barking Dog



If you have ever lived in a small neighborhood quiet and serene, you will know that the barking dog can be one of the biggest nuisances and distractions that is possible. There is nothing worse than trying to concentrate on doing something which requires peace and quiet only to have a dog barking in the background. The barking dog can be in the distance and you can still cause a lot of annoyance to people, even to the point of sending them a bit mad. If it is your dog that is causing the problems then you should really do something about it if you know that the problem exists.

A lot of the time dogs will bark when the owner is not around. This is a form of shouting for the owner to come back. The dog actually gets rewarded for this kind of behavior because ultimately the owner will come back. The barking will cease, and if there are no neighbors who are willing to inform the owner of the persistent barking, the owner will be none the wiser.

Much of the time this kind of problem is caused by owners who really do not care. The barking dog also owns to dog owners who can not take the dog out for a walk, either through time related problems, or health related issues. If this is the case you must find somebody else who will take the dog out for you. If you can not do this then you must pay someone to take the dog for a walk because all dogs need a lot of exercise. If you're not willing to do this then you should not be a dog owner. The barking dog is almost always the fault of the owner.


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