December 8

The Dog In Winter – How To Take Care Of Him



Regardless of race or age, dogs will feel the full winter season. It is your duty as the owner, to help him overcome the discomfort of winter, giving him attention and special care. So why the dog is shaking, is it because he is cold or exhausted? This can have many explanations, but the most common reason is the cold. In this case, you should get him out walking more often but at the same time dressing well the dog.

Dog is a warm-blooded animal, what means, to make feel better the dog, you must keep up his body temperature. The small dogs are more sensitive to cold. So, do not hesitate and buy them seasonal clothing: jacket, waterproof coat, boots and custom. To low temperatures, are also vulnerable the dogs with short hair, young, old or sick dogs. Sometimes, clothes for dogs are considered a smartly to master and not a really useful accessory. But you should know that not all breeds of dogs reacts the same before freezing. Thus, a Husky breed dog will easily accommodate with the whims and low winter temperatures, compared with Yorkshire breed.

In the choice of clothing is essential to know the dog size that is taken from the neck to the beginning of the tail, but be careful, because you should not exceed it. For larger dogs, there are pet shops adjustable clothes, made by using the horse saddles techniques. Some clothes can be provided with a reflective strip for the pet to be visible by drivers of vehicles.

Regarding the shoes, the most useful accessory is the boots, which will protect the feet pads from salt spread on roads to melt snow, and keep in mind that this is important because this salt can cause irritation or injury to the limbs. In some special stores, there is a special wax designed to protect feet. It is not toxic, does not create allergies, it just prevails from scratches, burns, skin dryness and cracking.

Another important fact is feeding in winter. Nowadays, food has become an important factor for the dogs, because, due to sedentary lifestyle, they start to lose the ability of self-adding fat. Food mistakes can cause disorders of short, medium or long-term. The dog needs a complete diet nutrients and balanced that contains and is administrated in adequate proportions.

A dog that stands outside a lot of time and make efforts has to recompense the lost energy due to cold, so the rations must be increased.

If you have a yard, make sure the cage has a well protected system from wind and weather using gradual techniques, since temperature changes during the fall. Check as often as you can that food and water it is not frozen. Do not forget to provide a good quality food and to increase the amount of fat in winter, and also if it is very cold, allow your dog to stay in the house.

Pay special attention to nutrition, because it is a very important thing for the pet to have a better health, a quieter life and a higher life expectancy.


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