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The First Rule in Successful Dog Training Is to Be Smarter Than the Dog



Well okay, obviously a bit tongue-in-cheek there but I could not help it. Dogs are very intelligent animals, some breeds are smaller than others and then again, some perform certain tasks better than others. In one of my future articles I will break it down for you as to the smartest breed. But for today, intelligence has very little to do with our topic. So let's Jump right into it. How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping, bet you did not see that coming. Jumping dogs are close to the number one issue of dog behavior that I hear. There is a multitude of reasons why Fido or Fiffy may jump. And it may actually only happen at certain times, but of course when they do it, they do it at that one time you had wished they did not.

Let's take a look at a couple of reasons why they jump on people. First, they can simply be excited, they will "jump for joy" when you or a family member or recognized friend enters the house. This jumping behavior is partly instinctive. It's a "pack" thing actually. Dogs sometimes lick each others faces when they greet, a relatively reflection of lower ranking members of a wolf pack. Sometimes it starts as puppies as they vie for their mother's attention, which is another reflection of the wolf pack The second reason is the dominance factor. Yes, the pack mentality again. This is referred to as "teeing off." They will try to rest their head or paws on a dog they want to dominate. It's tough for them to accomplish this on humans as we (tend) walk on two legs, making it more difficult to "tee off" on. You can distinguish this behavior by them trying to "lean" on you.

It's important to identify this behavior and understanding it, as it relates to your relationship. A disobedient dog is not always a dumb one. If they pushing, pulling or jumping on you, they may think they are the Alpha dog in your family pack hierarchy! Regardless of gender, a dog that keeps jumping on you may try to control you as they see themselves as the Alpha dog. There are a number of ways to communicate to your dog that it is not the Alpha dog of your pack, this communication is again something that you must be consistent with and know what signals your dog is giving you when they are challenging you as the Alpha . More on that topic in my up-coming articles.

I will leave you with this final thought ……. "Some days you're the dog; some days you're the hydrant"

Good Luck with your Training!



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