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Tips For Training Your Boxer Dog



Sit. Come. Heal. Simple commands right? Not necessary with a boxer.

Lovable, loyal, challenging, stubborn and very intelligent. These are some of the words used to describe a boxer.

Boxers are a wonderfully good-natured, highly exuberant animal, but in order to control their exuberance, they must be trained to channel that exuberance into an acceptable behavior.

Training a boxer takes consistency. They are a unique breed with a higher than average intelligence. Training them as early as possible will aid in the training process. Beginning at the age of 6 or 8 weeks is not unheard of. Your patience and perseverance will be put to the test.

Your boxer will try you. Remember to always remain calm and that you are in control. Its not aggression they are showing, but it would appear as if you have to prove to them that the training is worth their time and effort. Go figure.

Training or obedience classes are highly recommended for this particular breed of dog. It not only helps with the training of the boxer, but the owner gains important self-confidence tips for dealing with your pet. The basics, "sit", "come", and "heal" are just a few of the commands taught in theses classes. And, since other dogs and their owners are present, your boxer will have the opportunity to interact with them in a structured setting which will help him in dealing with strange people and dogs.

Talk to your vet before choosing an obedience school. You want to make sure that the instructor is highly trained and experienced. And remember, training does not stop once the classes end. Training of your boxer is an ongoing process, well after the instructor has presented you and your boxer with a beautiful completion certificate.

An obedient dog is happy, and so is his owner. With time and patience, you and your boxer will beceome life long friends before you know it. Who knows, in a short time, he may be able to fetch your slippers without chewing one up first. Good luck!


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