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To Stop A Dog From Jumping – Do This



What's not to love about coming home to your dog when he's so happy to see you? How about when he always jumps up on you? How about when he jumps on you with wet muddy feet or when he unintentionally claws you on the way back down? How about when he is so excited to see your child that he jumps up and knocks her down? There is a way to have a welcoming dog who does not jump and it just takes a little work from both of you. So how do you stop a dog from jumping? Read on …

Do this when your jumping dog is a puppy –

Discourage jumping even when your puppy is oh-so-cute and little and loves to lick your face. Otherwise he may grow into a 60 pound not-so-cute adult dog who still jumps on you and licks your face.

When you come home, do not give your puppy attention while he is jumping. Ignore him and move calmly about the house doing your activities. When your puppy has quieted down and stopped jumping, then you reward his behavior with attention and affection. Just be sure not to go overboard or you will have an excited, jumpy dog ​​on your hands again.

Do this when your jumping dog is an adult –

Adult dogs can be taught not to jump. Be consistent with a command word or phrase such as "down" or "do not jump". When your dog attempts to jump up on you, use the command word in your best deep commanding voice and turn away. Dogs do not want to jump on your side; they want to aim for your face. They also do not want to jump on a moving target.

In addition to telling him "down", you should then tell him to sit. Dogs can get stressed and over-excited when they're not sure who's in charge. By training him to answer your commands, he will be glad that someone is the leader – you.

Tips –

If your dog is in the habit of greeting you with jumping at the door, come into the room quickly and forcefully and keep walking until you are in another room that does not remember him of jumping. This will startle him and can help change the unwanted behavior.

When your dog attempts to jump and you turn away, be sure you do not push him off and yell at him. This actually encourages the unwanted behavior because you're giving it attention, talking to him, and touching him. These are actions that he wants.

You can stop a dog from jumping. There is no need to hold your dog's paws up until he is frantic, and you do not need to knee your dog. Training him to follow your commands of "down" and "sit" and then rewarding him for doing the desired action will work.


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